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Granite Pier, Rockport

Tasteful interior design that reflects Cape Ann’s distinctive and long history is a special focus that Mark Duval has cultivated with his many years of experience. The communities that make up Cape Ann, whether its Rockport, Gloucester, Manchester, Essex, or Ipswich, all proudly carry on their reputations as being classic New England coastal communities. The combination of fine carpentry and home construction experience allows Mark to find creative solutions to virtually every home renovation challenge, in particular those that maintain the integrity of a home’s historical value. 


Whether it’s a sweeping interior makeover of your existing home, or in designing the simple yet tasteful interiors of his custom modulars, Mark applies design and construction techniques that are appropriate to the particular project. As always with new construction or home renovation, design decisions are alway framed by one’s budget considerations, and Mark is especially sensitive to an individual homeowner’s needs.


The gallery here is an example of a custom house that highlights the wide range of design environments in which Mark works. The focus here is on build quality and tasteful accents. 

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