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Selecting the right general contractor is the single most important decision you make when taking on a building project. With over two decades of experience, Mark Duval can assist you with the entire lifecycle of your building project, beginning with initial planning and decision-making. His work covers a wide variety of home and commercial building projects, from simple renovation and repairs, on through to acting as the lead general contractor for new home construction.


Mark Duval stands behind all of his work. As a licensed contractor, Mark fully guarantees his work against design defects, leaks, or any other post-construction issues. He maintains a full level of support following the completion of your home construction or renovation project to insure your satisfaction.


Mark specializes in retaining the integrity of a home or building’s existing character when carrying out renovations, additions, or upgrades. This is important for Cape Ann homes, since most homes in the region are of antique, colonial, or traditional building styles. This has value not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for enhancing the building quality of an existing home. When practical Mark emphasizes the use of natural materials, such as cedar siding or oak trim, thus blending in with the existing design elements of your home.


In regard to working with your budget, Mark devotes special attention to providing you with a transparent running account of the construction costs as work proceeds. There are no surprises when working with Mark, he guarantees an ongoing, up-front assessment of a project’s budget.

Upgrades and Repairs

As a craftsman housebuilder, Mark is personally involved in all phases of a building project. When needed, such as for plumbing or electrical work, he engages local professionals with established reputations, professionals with whom he has long-standing relationships. In managing your renovation or upgrade, he will work closely with you in insuring that the completed project follows closely your intentions and wishes.



As a licensed contractor based on Cape Ann in Massachusetts, Mark Duval has developed a strong reputation for custom home building and general remodeling.


With over 25 years of experience as a general contractor he possesses the skills to manage the most demanding building projects. As a native Gloucester resident, he has the roots and connections to find the best solutions for even the most challenging Cape Ann building needs.


Focusing on the use of quality, natural building materials and the use of construction techniques that optimize energy efficiency, Mark can assist you through all phases of your renovation or building project.


Mark welcomes all inquiries and questions you may have regarding a possible house renovation or building project. Don’t hesitate to give him a call or send an email to discuss your needs and interests.

Building integrity begins with a builder of integrity.

Massachusetts Contractor's License


Home Improvement
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The following portfolio highlights a sample of the renovation and housebuilding projects Mark has recently completed. The links at the right include a general gallery of design and building elements that demonstrate his eye for detail and quality.


Also included are separate showcases of recent home projects, one a single-family colonial in Lanesville and the other a two-unit townhouse in Rockport. Both of these homes use Mark’s technique of customizing high-quality modulars to maximize both craftsmanship and cost efficiency.


Feel free to browse the image gallery and the highlighted homes found here. The general showcase provides images of detail work to highlight Mark’s fine carpentry, interior design, and quality homebuilding techniques. To learn more about Mark's design and building priniciples, visit his page on House Construction Principles.


If you have any questions or comments don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mark to discuss your interests.





Mark Duval’s contracting services cover the greater Cape Ann communities of Gloucester, Rockport, Manchester, Essex, and Ipswich. He has built several homes on Cape Ann, and because he is based in Gloucester, he can oversee long-term projects spanning over several weeks or even months.


Mark’s office is located in the Eastern Avenue Storage building at 239 Eastern Ave. in Gloucester. Since he is often on site at various construction projects, call or email him for an appointment or initial consultation.


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 978-375-5055 or fill out the following form

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Let's discuss your project: 

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with Mark for additional information regarding consulting, feasibility and general contracting services.

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