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Green Building

Mark uses the Energy Star home performance standard and the HERS rating system to build his homes. These measures insure the new homeowner a comfortable and efficiently run interior climate for pleasant living spaces throughout the home. To insure the necesssary level of home efficiency, Mark uses high quality modular home manufacturers such as New England Homes, who construct the modular components in a special facility in Claremont, New Hampshire. Each module corresponds to a major living area in the home.


Building a green home is not a costly, drawn-out endeavor. The homeowner has a wide variety of options available in designing a modular home. The HERS standard incorporates a 1-150 rating system--the lower the HERS number the better, with 100 representing the base line for a standard new home built today. Mark's homes rate in the 50 range, making them 50% more efficient than a standard home built today.


The main construction work itself can be done quickly, with the modular construction occurring almost overnight. The home site is carefully prepared and coordinated with the building specifications of the modules being constructed in New Hampshire. The foundation and walk-in basement walls are built of poured concrete, and the modules are delivered via truck once the site has been fully prepared. The custom green home is quickly assembled onsite from several factory-made modules which feature a well-insulated envelope. Once the modules are in place the home exterior is customized with quality cedar siding, porches, and backyard decks. 


A house built by Mark Duval is highly energy-efficient, because it has copious amounts of insulation (walls, R-30; roof, R-55) that help create an airtight envelope. It uses efficient lighting, Energy Star appliances and efficient heating/cooling systems with multiple zones for better control. This results in significant savings in heating and cooling bills for the satisfied homeowner.

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