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Delivery and Setting of the Modules

The eight modular boxes were built in a special factory in New Hampshire and then transported by truck to Rockport. They were kept at a holding lot just outside Rockport and sequentially brought over to the site when needed. The entire process was carefully planned and orchestrated by the building crew and the trucking company transporting the modules. Four of the modules--the first floor of the two housing units--would be set and secured onto the basement foundation walls. Once secured, the second floor modules were then set onto the first floor units, which were already prepared at the factory for interfacing with the second-floor modules. A large Liebherr crane moved the modules from the transporting truck to the foundation when needed. Virtually everything was pre-installed at the factory: all the electrical wiring and plumbing were integrated into the tightly insulated walls, and the windows and doors were also pre-installed. Even the Tyvek vapor barrier had been installed onto the exterior sheathing. Once set on-site, all that would be left to install to the exterior would be the siding, shutters, front porch, and back deck patio.

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