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The example of this custom build shows how Mark has focused on optimizing the fundamentals in house construction. With an eye toward energy efficiency and cost effectiveness, Mark utilizes a custom modular design in building full Energy Star compliant homes. To attain an Energy Star rating, every aspect of the house has to be Energy Star compliant, from the building techniques used in creating a thermally tight house, on through to the appliances and even the light bulbs. This house has a high energy HERS rating of 53.


Building a home involves several discrete phases, from site and land preparation, excavating, laying the foundations, on through to framing, walls, roofing, and interior work. On Cape Ann site prep often requires significant excavation work cutting through granite stone to make room for a foundation.


The process also includes several independent yet interacting systems--plumbing, electrical, heating or HVAC, security, etc.--and each of these require specialized expertise in designing and installing for every unique home.


All of this work is orchestrated and managed by a single person, a general contractor, who works closely with the future homeowner in understanding and interpreting his or her needs in realizing the vision for one’s own home. From this it is easy to recognize how important it is to have an experienced contractor you can trust and who can understand your particular needs. 

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